Garfield COVID-19 Forum – Recording

Dr. Amish Shah

Thank you to everyone who submitted questions and/or attended our Vaccination Forum and especially to Dr. Amish Shah for having great answers to all our questions. The full session is below the individual chapter bookmarks, below.

0:00​ COVID-19 Forum Introduction
0:31​ Intro of Dr. Amish Shah
2:59​ Are the Vaccines Safe?
9:04​ What Can I Do Once Vaccinated?
13:57​ Common Vaccine Side Effects?
16:51​ Will Vaccines End COVID-19?
20:15​ Do I Need To Keep My Vaccine Card?
21:12​ Vaccine Card Selfies?
22:17​ Efficacy of Vaccines & Travel post-Vaccine?
25:16​ Fully Vaccinated Timelines?
26:08​ Thank you, Dr. Shah!