Garfield Neighborhood Garden (GNG)

1022 E. Garfield Street, Phoenix

Sponsored by Garfield Organization and Maricopa County Adult Probation


The mission of the Garfield Neighborhood Garden is to provide Community Members access to garden space, to support the production of healthy food and to promote sustainable gardening practices by educating young people and adults about the benefits of growing their own food.


The vision for the GNG is to develop a community space to allow people to come together in a collaborative effort to teach and learn organic gardening methods. We strive to be efficient, use organic methods as much as possible, and improve the Garfield neighborhood through building social networks and healthy practices.

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Rules & Regulations

  1. Gardeners must begin planting in their assigned plot within one month of the beginning of the season/assignment of the plot or the plot may be assigned to another use. If all or part of the plot is not being gardened, it should be mulched or sown with a cover crop to retain moisture and soil structure.
  2. Each gardener is responsible for the maintenance and up-keep of their plot. Weeding, harvesting and any other garden-related maintenance is the responsibility of the leasee.
  3. The aisles adjacent to your garden plot must be maintained as walkable paths between garden beds and fences.
  4. Trellises and shade construction must be temporary and easily removed and must not block the pathways or aisles between garden plots.
  5. The application of herbicides, pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers to the garden plots is prohibited.
  6. GNG tools and equipment are only to be used at GNG. Please do not remove tools and equipment from the garden lot.
  7. GNG soil is not to be removed. Once you are no longer gardening at the GNG, you cannot take the soil with you. Any wood, stakes and/or shade you added to your plot are yours to take when your planting season is over or you stop participating in the GNG.
  8. Children are welcome in the garden but must be accompanied by an adult and must be supervised at all times. An adult is 18 years of age or older.
  9. No pets are allowed in the GNG.
  10. RESPECT your garden plot and your neighbor’s garden plot. Do not garden in plots that have not been allocated to you. Do not plant, do not harvest and do not harm plants or plots that are not yours.
  11. Compost generated at the GNG can only be used at the GNG except as approved by the VBMs.
  12. Each gardener must fill out a GNG club application and sign a Release of All Claims form before they can garden at GNG.
  13. Any disputes between gardeners should be brought to a Voting Board Member.
  14. The watering method at the GNG is drip irrigation on a timer. The water times and duration will be determined by the Voting Board Members. No other irrigation methods will be permitted.
  15. The Rules and Regulations will be enforced by the Voting Board Members. The method of enforcement will be notification of the gardener by email or phone call. If there is no response and the violation is not corrected within one week of notification, the VBMs may vote to reassign the gardener’s plot and terminate their garden privileges.
  16. Discrimination, name calling, bullying or unwanted physical contact of any kind will be grounds for immediate termination of all garden privileges. This means you forfeit your garden plot, your GNG club fees and you will no longer be allowed on the property.

Lease and Plot Allotment Requirements

  1. Gardeners can officially garden at GNG (Garfield Neighborhood Garden) after attending gardener orientation class, reading/signing the GNG agreement, paying plot lease fees (dues) and being allocated a specific garden plot.
  2. GNG club dues are $25.00 per garden plot per season (2 seasons per year). Dues are non-refundable. Garden plot allocation will be seasonal with the GNG club dues due one month before the beginning of each season for continuing gardeners and the 15th of the same month for new gardeners.
  3. GNG operates based on two main growing seasons: from March 1st to August 30th (Summer or warm season) and from September 1st to February 28th (Winter or cool season).
  4. Continuing gardeners must pay dues by February 15th for the Summer season and August 15th for the Winter season. If dues for the next season have not been paid by the deadline, the plot may be offered to another participant. New gardeners will be allowed to sign up for plots beginning February 15th for Summer Season and August 15th for the Winter season.
  5. All monies in the form of lease fees and/or donations will be spent on administration costs, up-keep of the watering system and the garden beds, or other projects within or directly related to the GNG.
  6. A gardener’s orientation class is required for new GNG members. The class will be held seasonally or on an “as needed” basis. The class will cover the rules and regulations, tips on gardening in a small space and questions and answers.
  7. If there are plots available at the end of one of our planting seasons: August (Summer) and February (Winter), the plots will be allocated on a first come/first served basis with priority given to gardeners who have previously gardened at the GNG and gardeners living in Garfield or an adjacent neighborhood.
  8. If all plots are taken, a waiting list will be maintained on a first come/first served basis.
  9. Garden plots are assigned to one person only and are not transferrable.
    a. Others may garden at your site but the responsibility for payments of fees, clean-up and other duties at the site will be the responsibility of the individual whose name is assigned to the plot.
    b. GNG club partners are groups or organizations that not only contribute to the GNG but also to the health and well-being of the neighborhood. One person must be assigned to represent the group/organization. This person will be responsible for the garden plot per the GNG rules and regulations. GNG club partners have the exception of the plot being transferable within the group/organization. Representatives from a group/organization cannot have a separate individual plot at the GNG, even if they are residents of the Garfield neighborhood.
  10. Because GNG is a small community garden, only one plot will be assigned per household.
    a. If a household would like more than one plot, a written request should be submitted for consideration and voted on by the GNG Voting Board Members.
    b. If permission is given for an individual or group to garden more than one plot, the required un-obstructed aisles between each individual garden plot must still be maintained.